aLiftMaster-2585_fullWith a click of a button or touch of an app that’s on a person’s smartphone. Garage door openers open and close your garage door. They where invented in the year 1926, but gain popularity after world war 2.

They’re a motorized opener that uses counterbalanced springs to actually lift and close the garage door. The door opener doesn’t actually do any of the heavy lifting itself. The opener controls the distance of how far the garage door will close and open. It also controls the amount of force being exerted on the garage door and can be use as a lock for the door.

Over the years the garage doors have been evolving and getting better. With technology advancing so are garage doors with design, material, and energy efficiency. You can get garage doors made of different material like wood or glass.

These new high tech garage doors provide more safety and save more energy. You need to get a remarkable door opener to accompany them. Because of advancement over the years, you now can open and close your garage door from anywhere.


The Internet Advancing Garage Doors And Openers


With the garage being the main way people enter into their homes. You can get new door openers that can connect to WiFi and be controlled anywhere you have access to the internet. Giving you more security over your garage and home.

If you’re looking for a high tech opener, try getting the Liftmaster Model 8550. This model operates from being charged by the electric current from your house . So when the power goes out it’s still able to work.

This can connect to WiFi and with a smartphone or computer. You can turn on and off lights or open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world.

Another option you can try is a garage door hub that can be installed in most garage door openers. It’s called Chamberlain MyQ. It also connects to WiFi and has an app for smartphones.

With this you’ll be able to receive alerts on your smartphone that will notify you if your door is open or close, or being access by a person in a unauthorized manner.

Make sure it’s compatible with your existing door opener and can connect to a good Internet signal close by. As long as the reversing sensors work, it should be compatible.

The hub has two parts. One part is mounted on the garage door to detect if it’s open or not, and the second part is mounted on the ceiling above the actually garage door opener.

Once both parts are mounted turn the power on for the second part and install the app for your smartphone. Then hit the learn button and follow the instructions.